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Family Law

The Family Law Group at Henderson, Caverly & Pum LLP, with partner Hildy L. Fentin offers decades of expertise and dedication in providing clients with the most sophisticated legal advice in all areas of pre-marital and post-marital contracts, separation and divorce, including division of property, child custody, child and spousal support, pre-marital and post-marital agreements, paternity, post judgment modifications and mediation.

The members of the Family Law Group will provide all services and coordinate every aspect of your family law matters. We will help you and your spouse reach an agreement that works for both of you, and prepare a Marital Settlement Agreement that the divorce court judge will approve.

Hildy L. Fentin, CFLS, AAML has built a local and national reputation for excellence, integrity and professionalism, with over 35 years of experience handling complex Family Law matters. She graduated from Rutgers School of Law in 1980 and then gained admittance to the bars of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and California. A former Legal Aid attorney in the San Francisco area, Hildy has focused exclusively on Family Law since 1983. Hildy’s approach focuses on creative problem solving to reach peaceful resolutions. Her process empowers you to make informed decisions about your finances and your family.

The Henderson, Caverly & Pum LLP Family Law Practice Group handle all family law matters, including but not limited to:

Pre & Post Marital Agreements

  • Negotiation, Drafting & Review of Pre-marital & Post-marital Agreements

Family Law/Dissolution of Marriage

  • Division of Property
  • Child Custody & Child Support
  • Spousal Support
  • Marital Residence Issues
  • Business and Professional
  • Practice Characterization & Valuations
  • Retirement Plan Distributions

Child Custody & Support

  • Litigation and Mediation of Child Sharing Plans
  • Move-Away Cases
  • Determination of Child Support & Modification of Payments

Paternity Matters

  • Obtaining Paternity Orders
  • Setting Child Support
  • Drafting Custody Arrangements

Post-Judgment Modifications

  • Modifying Custody Orders
  • Modifying Spousal Support
  • Modifying Child Support
  • Enforcing Prior Orders


  • An Economical Process to Obtaining a Divorce
  • A Private & Confidential Process
  • Working with a Neutral Highly Qualified Professional to Assist in Settling all issues
  • Drafting & Shepherding Legal Documents Through the Court System